Sold. Original Dutch (NL) ’06 Burgundy Birge

Honda S2000 (LHD) Original dutch car
Modelyear 2006 (with VSA)
Km.stand: 119.564 (NAP)
Will get new APK/MOT/TUV
Exterior color Burgundy (Brown)
Interior color Birge (Cognac)

Huge maintenance may 2022:
New engine oil 5W40
Honda oilfilter
Honda gearbox oil MTF3
Amsoil differential oil 75W140
Brake and clutch oil dot 4
Honda airfilter
NGK sparkplugs
Honda softtop new
Modifry elastics
New tires
Steel brake lines
Honda belt and new fully bearings

Interior very clean, No damage to the seats
Wheels have been painted new and have the diamant cut

Comes including
-All books, service manual stamped
-Spare tire and toolkit in trunk
-Maintenance records
-Original radio with code
-2 keys and remote controls