The kit is for European and JDM s2000s only (USDM cars have a different system) and can be found here.

You dont have to remove the front bumper, you can get there by removing the left inner splash fender.

Tools you need:

-ratchet, extension and elbow, 10 and 12mm bit

-pliers to remove hose clamp

-saw or dremel with cut piece, to cut 1 metal pipe.

-Screwdriver to remove left inner splash guard/fender.

Get started:

-Remove the airpump by removing 2 bolts (12mm)

-Remove the 2 hoses attached to the airpump

-Remove the harness plug from the airpump

-Remove airpump and bracket. (1,7 kilo)

-Plug in the harness the dummy resistor. (Reset your ECU, by unplugging the battery wires, be carefull with your radio code)

-Remove the airpump hoses, the metal pipe is a bit hard to get by (2x 10mm bolts)

-Instal rubber cap for intake tube airpump connection (comes included in the kit)

-Remove the EGR on the manifold. (2x 12mm bolt)

-Install stainless steel EGR blank off plate. (keep the oem Honda gasket in place!) (comes included in the kit)

-Remove vacuum line to intake manifold

-Install rubber cap for vacuum nipple on intake manifold (comes included in the kit)

-Remove 2 vacuum lines and metal brackets on the fuel line

-Remove plastic vacuum tank on cross member

– Replace valve cover breather pipe

-Replace throttle body coolant pipe

-Install 2 rubber cap off for vacuum solenoid. (comes included in the kit)
Ready in 2 hours! Now you have removed 4 kilo’s!

If your airpump died, gives you a CEL, and you dont want to remove the complete system, but just want to get rid of the CEL, just unplug the airpump harness, plug in the airpump dummy resistor and reset your ECU. Leave everything in place, dont unplug the air hoses. And you will be fine. The ECU will think the airpump is in place and works.