Have you lowered your S2000 and do you drive with camber, and suffered from worn tires?

The key is to keep your tracking alignment as low as possible, this gives you despite your camber a right wear pattern.
You will need some adjustments in your base, such as megan racing front and rear bumpsteerkits (see photos below).
This costs together around the 300,- but you will save a lot of money on tires.

Explanation bumpsteer:

Also you get much stability during straight ahead despite your camber. A win-win situation!
My recent alignment data:

If you want to align yourself, please try the following values.

Left front            Right front

-1’30     camber     -1’30

6’50       caster         6’50

0,00      tow      0,00

Left rear        Right rear

-2’30       camber   – 2’30

0,05        tow    0,05

Totale tow 0,10

Trust angle 0,00

Warning: This alignment data are custom data of the original UK Honda values. To my experience and knowledge they are ideal for street use for lowered S2000’s. I am not liable for any damage or wear and tear caused by use of this data, consultations with you aligner how or what.

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