Delta Lima Engineering Headlight conversion, from RHD to LHD lightbeam

RDW and APK / MOT / TUV approved

-All year S2000 headlights
-Usually we can sent them back after 1 business day
-Price Euro 150,- for a set S2000 headlights. (Incl tax) Excl shipping costs
-Drop off and pickup is possible
*Conversion and shipping is always at your own risk!


We can also convert headlights for other brands.

If your headlight has a projector, we can convert it for you in 95% of the cases.








-Each lamp is different and a puzzle to solve
-Sometimes the lamps have to be completely open and in parts apart
-Sometimes the projector can be adjusted, sometimes we have to make a new one
-Delivery and collection of lamps is possible, shipping is also possible. Waiting for it is not possible
-In most cases you will have the headlights back within 1 week
-Prijs Euro 150,- per lamp. (300,- per set) Incl VAT / BTW / Tax. Excluding any shipping costs.
*Conversion and shipping is always at your own risk

We dont wrench on other brands and models, so its not possible to have your lights removed from your car at our shop.