Delta Lima Engineering Headlight conversion, from RHD to LHD lightbeam

RDW and APK / MOT / TUV approved

-Al year S2000 headlights
-Usually we can sent them back after 1 business day
-Price Euro 100,- for a set S2000 headlights. (Incl tax) Excl shipping costs
-Drop off and pickup is possible
*Conversion and shipping is always at your own risk!


We can also convert headlights for other brands.

If your headlight has a projector, we can convert it for you in 95% of the cases.








-Each lamp is different and a puzzle to solve
-Sometimes the lamps have to be completely open and in parts apart
-Sometimes the projector can be adjusted, sometimes we have to make a new one
-Delivery and collection of lamps is possible, shipping is also possible. Waiting for it is not possible
-In most cases you will have the headlights back within 1 week
-Prijs Euro 100,- per lamp. (200,- per set) Incl VAT / BTW / Tax. Excluding any shipping costs.
*Conversion and shipping is always at your own risk

We now have extensive experience with various brands

Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Maserati, Ferrari, Audi, Range Rover, VW, Opel, Mazda, Renault, etc