The S2000 Ultimate edition (Europe) and GT Edition 100 (UK) were limited versions of the S2000 released to commemorate the end of production. Both included Grand Prix white body colour, removable hardtop, graphite-colored alloy wheels, red leather interior and red coloring for stitching on the gear lever gaiter.

The Ultimate Edition was unveiled at the 2009 Geneva Motor Show and went on sale in march 2009. The GT Edition 100, was a limited run of 100 units released for the UK market, but only 96 were ordered and sold. In addition to the Ultimate Edition’s specification, it featured a black s2000 badge and a numbered plague on the kick-plate indicating which vehicle in the series it was.

At the end of the S2000, Honda struggled to sell them after 10 years. 100 units were intended for the Ultimate Edition, but only 53 were ordered and sold as far as I could find out.

If you have or know an Ultimate / Gt100, feel free to contact us to register them here online.

Total 149 pieces (96 RHD and 53 LHD)

#001, LHD, 2009, VIN, Engine, Switzerland

#002, RHD, 2009, VIN, Engine, UK

#003, RHD, 2009, VIN, Engine, UK

#015, LHD, 2009, VIN, Engine, Netherlands

#019, RHD, 2009, VIN: JHMAP11409S200127, Engine F20c2-1090127, UK

#036, RHD, 2009, VIN: JHMAP11409S200150, Engine, UK

#061, RHD, 2009, VIN: JHMAP11409S200173, Engine: F20c2-1090173. UK

#092, RHD, 2009, VIN: Engine: UK

#095, RHD, 2009, VIN: Engine: UK

#107, LHD, 2009, VIN: JHMAP11409S200283. Engine: F20c2-1090283. Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands

#117, LHD, 2009, VIN: Engine: Germany, Netherlands

#122, LHD, 2009, VIN: JHMAP11409S200316. Engine: F20c2-1090312. Germany

#142, LHD, 2009, VIN: JHMAP11409S200345. Engine: F20c2-1090345. Luxembourg, Belgium, Azerbejan

#147, LHD, 2009, VIN:  Engine: Slowakije

#148, LHD, 2009, VIN: Engine: Germany, Italia

#149, LHD, 2009, VIN:  Engine: Germany