For sale:

-Honda Civic Ep2 Sport

-25 march 2005 (facelift)

-BAR edition- black


-1,6 liter, 110 pk, 152 nm, manual transmission

-Fuel 1 liter at 15 km.

-1127 kg

-Owner since 1 year, bought at 130.000km

-Small maintenance, new engine oil Castrol 10w40, oil filter, air filter and gearbox mtf3 oil

-Engine belt and waterpump replaced on 10-09-2014 at 122.425 km

-2 new front tyre’s.

-Polished headlights

-Some LED’s

-Car is all oem and stock

-All papers and books, 2 set of keys

-New APK (MOT) Dealer march 2017

-New flat balde window wipers

-New 4 brake discs and pads

€ 4.999,-