Delta Lima Engineering offers our most populair item, sold in over 25 countries:

The air pump-EGR delete kit.
Did the air pump broke down of your S2000, or is he on the point of dying and makes lots of noise?
You have an error code and you don’t want to buy an expensive new air pump?
Or do you want to remove dead weight 3.5 kilos and clean your engine compartment through to remove all those hoses?

What does the air pump exactly?
During a cold start, this pump, pumping additional air into your engine. For several minutes the F20C  engine runs poorer fuel-air mixture. As a result, there is more heat released into the exhaust gases, which cause the catalisator faster to reach operating temperature.

MOT Inspection
If you removed the air pump and replaced by our set, you will pass the annual MOT inspection. The car takes its emission requirements, only lasts a little longer/a few more minutes until the catalisator warmed up.

Now where is that air pump?
The air pump is mounted under your left  headlight on all S2000’s.
You can reach it by removing the front bumper, or by removing the left inner front plastic fender/splash guard.

Plug en Play!
The kit is plug and play on all S2000, and works on EU, UK, and Asian JDM S2000. (No USDM) You do not need anything besides some basic tools. It will take about 2 hours wrenching to install this kit. More than 3.5 kg of weight will be removed and you will clean your engine compartment, by removing all those hoses! On the picture below you can see what you can delete! At the pump after, the rest is all in the sight of your engine bay!

Single parts.
Did your airpump died? But you dont want to remove everything to keep your S2000 stock? You can plug in our single resistance. It will clear your CEL (check engine light). The ECU will be foolt, and thinks your airpump is there and working fine.

Manual Click!

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