J’s Racing header

J’s Racing header, genuine. F20 en F22

Beste N/A header wat er te krijgen is voor een S2000.

5,2kg, origineel spruitstuk weegt 11,5kg.

Nieuwprijs is ruim 1600,-


Tri-y design. Equal length 50mm primaries, 50mm secondaries, tapering to a 55-60mm collector. This is the best header available for the S2K at the moment. Gives great gains across the entire power band. One of the only headers that show big gains up top. Gains upwards of 5-7hp have been seen at peak, with about 15-17hp seen mid range. This These results are with the addition of an aftermarket exhaust system. On a completely stock car gains would be around half those numbers.

Bron: ***Official Header Thread*** – S2KI Honda S2000 Forums

Geeft 5-7pk in piek vermogen, en 15-17pk in midrange vermogen!
En is daarnaast ook nog eens ruim 6kg lichter!